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Fenyx is the main protagonist of Immortals: Fenyx Rising. Players can choose to customize Fenyx as a male or female character.

Told from the wagering bickering narrative between Zeus and Prometheus, Fenyx embarks on an epic adventure to defeat Typhon and restore the essence of the Gods.




Fenyx's default appearance is a young woman with lightly tanned skin, an athletic build from her shield-bearer training, chestnut brown eyes, and crimson orange medium length hair with a slight curl on her left side of her brow.



Born on a humble farmland in Argos, Fenyx, at the behest of their brother Ligyron was recruited and trained to fight for the Delian League. Fenyx had always dreamt to fight in battles but had not been permitted in any skirmish.

Although just a low ranking shield-bearer and foot soldier from the start and not entirely respected by the other men in the army, Fenyx sought to be a brave hero like Ligyron to whom they look up to as their North Star, despite living in his shadow. Fenyx was also notorious for telling outlandish stories, much to the annoyance of their comrades.

Role in the Game

One such night after returning from a faraway battle, the ship Fenyx was on suddenly engulfed in a fierce unexpected storm that claimed the lives of the men onboard and decimated the ship to pieces. At dawn, only one survivor washed up on the unknown shores of the Golden Isles. It was Fenyx.


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